every intent has a beginning, and wndmll began almost as a crowdsourcing experiment. we felt the need to build a collective that was not just into the business of creating and selling creative content, but was also about being part of those human challenges that we had tried to help solve - telling stories of heroic, comedy, sincerity and grit. this was the magic of advertising we all had bought into, at some point in our lives.

advertising as we know it, has become so good at selling, that it is all about the juice. nobody cares about the pips, the peel, or the pulp. we at wndmll want to revisit storytelling in a more responsible manner, to interrupt engagingly, and yet make some money for our clients.

it is a simple endeavour, a sincere ask, and a small attempt at starting a refreshing something.

our approach: designing conversations, between brands and people, by being relevant and responsible.